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Cycads for Sale

- Caudex (trunk) size is the largest dimension, either height or diameter, using inches and feet. The caudex size will always take precedence over container size for pricing purposes. All sizes are approximate.

Photos -  To see photos, click on the genus name dropdown under the Cycads for Sale button.

Prices -  All transactions will be in U.S. Dollars.  California sales tax will be added to all non-resale purchases according to law.  "TI" after the price means "per trunk inch," and "TF" means "per trunk foot."  Prices are subject to change.

Updates - We will make every effort to keep the website current, however since inventory does change, all listings are subject to change and prior sale.

Pups - We often have pups available.  Inquire.

For a printable version click here.

CYCADS I D # Sex Pot Size Caudex Size Price Notes
mexicana A1 M 15gal-24"box 3.5"-10" $35/TI  
debaoensis A2   5gal-24"box 1"-10" $125/TI Very rare
panzihuaensis A3   5gal-15gal 1"-8" $35/TI Cold hardy
revoluta A7   5gal-15 gal 2"-5" $8/TI Sago Palm - Common name
revoluta A8   15gal-30"box 5+"-12" $10/TI Sago Palm - Common name  larger plants - inquire
thouarsii A5   5gal-15gal 1"-5" $20/TI  
thouarsii A5   15 gal-24"box 5+" $25/TI  
angustifolium A9   15gal-24"box 6"-15" $55/TI Old plants
angustifolium A9   15gal-24"box 15+" $60/TI Old plants
califanoi A10   15gal/20gal box 2.5"-5" $95/TI  
califanoi A10   15gal/20gal box 5"-8" $110/TI  
califanoi A10   15gal/20gal box 8+" $125/TI  
holmgrenii     15gal 3"-10" $50/TI  
mejiae A15   15gal-24" box 4"-10" $40/TI  
merole     15gal-17"box 3"-6" $85/TI Rare
rzedowskii A16   15gal 4"-10" $65/TI Rare
spinulosum A11   15gal 3"-6" $25/TI  
spinulosum A12   15gal-24"box 6+"-20" $35/TI  
spinulosum     24"box 20+" $40/TI Super wide=$50/TI
aemulans     15gal-24"box 4"-10" $95/TI  
arenarius     15gal-17"box 3"-5" $50/TI  
arenarius     17"box-24"box 5"-8" $55/TI  
arenarius A4   24" box 8+" $75/TI  
arenarius - blue form     15gal/17gal box 1-3" $300ea  
arenarius - blue form     15gal/17gal box 3+" $125/TI Very good form, seed grown
altensteinii A17   15gal-24" box 5"-12" $55/TI  
bandula sp. A21   15gal 2"-5" $50/TI  
bunia     24"box 4"-8" $250/TI Extremely rare, limited
caffer     1gal  seedling $35ea  
caffer     5gal-17"box 1"-5" $70/TI Rare
cerinus     5gal 1"-4" $90/TI Rare
ferox A19   15gal-24"box 3"-5" $45/TI  
ferox     24"box-30"box 5+" $60/TI  
friderici-guilielmi A23   15gal 3"-5" $80/TI  
gratis A18   24" box 5+" $60/TI  
horridus A14   15gal-24"box 3"-5" $125/TI  
horridus A14   24" box 5+"-9" $150/TI  
horridus A14   24"box 9+" $165/TI  
ituriensis     15gal-24"box 3"-6" $100/TI  
laurentianus     15 gal juvenile $85/TI  
lebomboensis A30   24"box 5+" $65/TI  
lehmanii A33   tree pots seedling $45ea  
lehmanii     17"box-24"box 3"-5" $125/TI  
lehmanii     17"box-24"box 5+"-9" $135/TI  
lehmanii     24"-31" box 9+" $165/TI  
longifolius (blue form) A41   17"box-24"box 4"-9" $125/TI exceptionally beautiful
longifolius (blue form) A41   17"box-24"box 9+" $140/TI  
longifolius (green) A22   15gal-24"box 5"-12" $95/TI  
manikensis Mt. Garuso A35   24"box 5"-12" $70/TI  
munchii A26   15gal 2"-5" $80/TI Germinated in '08
natalensis A25   20gal-24"box 8"-12" $80/TI  
princeps     15gal/17gal box 2"-3" $300ea  
princeps     15gal/17gal box 3+"-5" $125/TI  
senticosus A31   15gal-24"box 3"-6" $75/TI  
senticosus A32   24"box-30"box 5+"-18" $85/TI  
transvenosus     5 gal 3"-5" $50/TI  
trispinosus A28   tree pots seedling $45ea  
trispinosus A28   17"box-24"box 2"+"-5" $90/TI  
trispinosus A28   17"box-24"box 5+" $95/TI  
villosus     5gal-15gal 3.5"-8" $50/TI  
whitelockii     15gal 2"-5" $100/TI  
whitelockii A36   15gal-24" box 5+" $120/TI Robust
perofskyana A37   15gal 2.5"-5" $50/TI  
perofskyana A37   15gal-24"box 5+"-9" $65/TI  
perofskyana A37   24"box 9+" $85/TI  
moorii A38   15gal 1"-3" $50/TI  
moorii A38   15gal 3+"-5" $55/TI  
moorii A39   24"box 5+"-9" $60/TI Large plants
moorii A39   24"box 9+" $80/TI  
inermis A43   17"box 2"-5" $70/TI Rare
maratima (furfuracea) A40   5gal-15gal 2"-10" $25/TI multiple heads
maratima (furfuracea)     15gal+ 10+" $30/TI multiple heads

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