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CYCADS I D # Sex Pot Size Caudex Size Price Notes
aemulans     15gal-24"box 4"-10" $95/TI  
arenarius     15gal-17"box 3"-5" $50/TI  
arenarius     17"box-24"box 5"-8" $55/TI  
arenarius A4   24" box 8+" $75/TI  
arenarius - blue form     15gal/17gal box 1-3" $300ea  
arenarius - blue form     15gal/17gal box 3+" $125/TI Very good form, seed grown
altensteinii A17   15gal-24" box 5"-12" $55/TI  
bandula sp. A21   15gal 2"-5" $50/TI  
bunia     24"box 4"-8" $250/TI Extremely rare, limited
caffer     1gal  seedling $35ea  
caffer     5gal-17"box 1"-5" $70/TI Rare
cerinus     5gal 1"-4" $90/TI Rare
ferox A19   15gal-24"box 3"-5" $45/TI  
ferox     24"box-30"box 5+" $60/TI  
friderici-guilielmi A23   15gal 3"-5" $80/TI  
gratis A18   24" box 5+" $60/TI  
horridus A14   15gal-24"box 3"-5" $125/TI  
horridus A14   24" box 5+"-9" $150/TI  
horridus A14   24"box 9+" $165/TI  
ituriensis     15gal-24"box 3"-6" $100/TI  
laurentianus     15 gal juvenile $85/TI  
lebomboensis A30   24"box 5+" $65/TI  
lehmanii A33   tree pots seedling $45ea  
lehmanii     17"box-24"box 3"-5" $125/TI  
lehmanii     17"box-24"box 5+"-9" $135/TI  
lehmanii     24"-31" box 9+" $165/TI  
longifolius (blue form) A41   17"box-24"box 4"-9" $125/TI exceptionally beautiful
longifolius (blue form) A41   17"box-24"box 9+" $140/TI  
longifolius (green) A22   15gal-24"box 5"-12" $95/TI  
manikensis Mt. Garuso A35   24"box 5"-12" $70/TI  
munchii A26   15gal 2"-5" $80/TI Germinated in '08
natalensis A25   20gal-24"box 8"-12" $80/TI  
princeps     15gal/17gal box 2"-3" $300ea  
princeps     15gal/17gal box 3+"-5" $125/TI  
senticosus A31   15gal-24"box 3"-6" $75/TI  
senticosus A32   24"box-30"box 5+"-18" $85/TI  
transvenosus     5 gal 3"-5" $50/TI  
trispinosus A28   tree pots seedling $45ea  
trispinosus A28   17"box-24"box 2"+"-5" $90/TI  
trispinosus A28   17"box-24"box 5+" $95/TI  
villosus     5gal-15gal 3.5"-8" $50/TI  
whitelockii     15gal 2"-5" $100/TI  
whitelockii A36   15gal-24" box 5+" $120/TI Robust

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